Welcome to John Rudlin’s Commedia Handbook site!

Thank you for visiting.  The purpose of this site is not to try to get you to buy the Handbook – though you can if you want, via this link…

It has been continually in print since 1986 and is used by anglophone performers, teachers  and students all over the world.  There is a companion book, also available from Amazon, Commedia dell’Arte, a handbook for troupes, co-authored with Oliver Crick, which reveals how to set about creating a company, along with some histories of those who have.  Some (500+) have already helped themselves to both these books via a bogus pdf website.  This is a breach of international copyright law, but it is  impossible to trace those behind it.  Please don’t be tempted and respect the years of sweat and research that have gone into these publications.

You can get a glimpse of what that means from the latest offering (November 2020) which is an appreciation of the life and work of Antonio Fava, the greatest exponent today of the traditional form. 

Full details and how to get 20% off by buying direct from Routledge at https://www.routledge.com/Commedia-dell-Arte-its-Structure-and-Tradition-Antonio-Fava-in-Conversation/Rudlin-Fava/p/book/9780367648565?utm_source=individuals&utm_medium=shared_link&utm_campaign=B010181_dm1_1au_1aj_d741&j=3872354&e=yhamada@nullyahoo.com&l=311_HTML&u=124505513&mid=7004473&jb=1&utm_medium=email&utm_source=EmailStudio&utm_campaign=B010181_dm1_1au_1aj_d741_3872354.

No, this update of the site is firstly to let you know that my knees have had enough so, regrettably, no more workshops on offer.  Secondly I am clearing my desk and would rather make information freely available on the web than subject it to Fahrenheit 451.

The Other Publications page offers further useful material for the Commedia teacher and practitioner. Jacques Copeau is my second main area of research. Strolling tells you about two volumes I have written on the history of the strolling player, and how to obtain them.

You can email me at rudlinjohn@gmail.com

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