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“No other book so clearly outlines the specific culture of Commedia or provides such a practical guide to its techniques. This immensely timely and useful handbook will be an essential purchase for all actors, students, and teachers.”–(See Comments)

“Obviously commedia dell’arte is a live theatre form, and obviously you know a bit about commedia otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this review. As far as any book can help anyone do live theatre, especially a form so comic and forceful, then this book can. Nowhere it loses sight of the fact that its job is to encourage people to action and performance and then begin to discover for themselves. It is not an esoteric bible of secret facts which will allow anyone to become a commedia performer. It is an actor’s manual and, if you cannot find adequate live teaching of the form, it is one of the best books you can find to start with.”–(Review on Amazon.co.uk)

The purpose of this site is not to get you to buy the Handbook – though you can if you want, via this link…

…but to let you know what more John Rudlin has to offer students of Commedia. You can find out more about John on the About page and check on John’s teaching offers on the Workshop page. For booking information consult the Availability and Fees page. The Other Publications page offers further useful material for the Commedia teacher and practitioner.

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